Hi All.

There have been some big losing trades this week which means if I was reading with real money I’d actually now be at a loss. That would be two weeks really annoying, antagonising, frustrating, stressful work for nothing. Thank goodness for the concept of paper trading.

I give some credit to the developers as I havent traded on all races due to other commitments and I think the idea of being given horses that are likely to steam (go down in price) is brill. Unfortunately in reality it doesnt always go as planned.

Ive been playing with selections i.e. trying long term trading. Placing a back bet about 9:30am and then laying 1 hour before the off or 2 minutes before the off if the price has drifted (gone up in price) hoping the price has moved back down. Again, this is sometimes profitable but yesterday and the day before I had some big hit losing trades.

I wondering with all the people who have bought this system and all trading on the same selections how much this is effecting the price movements and therefore are we really getting true value for money with regards to the prices.

til next Friday.