Hi All.

André here again.  🙂  For the next 30 days, not only am I being tested for my own Value 4 Racing selections (thanks Les by the way) but also I will be testing the Supreme Trading System Software.

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while will know Ive tried trading before, more than once I’d like to add, but didnt have much success. Well I did but then one trade would go pears up and wipe out my profit, which had taken a few days to build up. Ive still thought the concept of trading on horses is great; it’s just a case of finding method that works.

I cant check all races but I will be as busy as possible with this system Mon – Fri. At least we will get a rough idea if the software is any good. Basically, you load up the software in the morning and it gives you some potential steamers (thats horse whos prices are expected to go down on Betfair). You then look at these horses/races 1hour before the off on Betfair, then 10 minutes before the off, and if the price is steamer place a back bet. At 2 minutes before the off you check the price again and place your lay bet which will hopefully lock in a profit no matter what the outcome of the race (known as greening up). Of course, your only make a profit if the horse continued to steam in.

I tried this system on Friday but I found that the selections had steamed from the morning to the hour before the off, but in the next hour they all drifted out (the price went up on Betfair) so a no bet day.

Today there are 3 selections to keep an eye on.