Hi All.  

I have to be honest I starting to go a little crazy with the alarm clock going off telling me it’s time to get to the computer. I start cooking, alarm cloak goes off, take a mouthful, alarm cloak goes off, sit down on the sofa to watch something and just as I starting to get into it guess what, THE ALARM CLOAK GOES OFF! Araghhhhh!!  

Ive been trying the long term trading again. Some days are successful and some are not. On Wednesday I had my worst trade yet. At £100 on the back price of 1.74, the price shot up quickly to 4.60ish and hovered about there all day losing -£62.17. Ouch! Lucky I paper trading. Yesterday wasnt much better.  

Ive worked out the selection process the developer uses to get the selections. I wont give it away coz thats not fair on them but it’s very simple and must take them all of 2-3 minutes a day.  

Next week will be my last week of testing this system, thankfully, and I’ll be giving my review.  

til next Friday.