Hi All.  

I havent been blogging this system everyday as there hasnt been much to report. I thought it would be better just to update you all once a week on a Friday.  

I have to honest, I thought the Supreme Trading System was a good concept but so far I disappointed. The idea is to check a race an hour before the off, then 10 minutes before the off and if the price has gone down (steaming) then place a back bet to do a trade. Most of the time the selections prices seem to have gone up (drifted) in this time span, therefore they have been no trades.  

There has been a few winning trades but very little profit has been made. Ive only had a couple of losing trades so that I quite pleased about.  

I finding running this system a bit of a nightmare. Basically I setting the alarm clock on my mobile 1 hour before each off of each race and then 10 minutes before each off, and then 2 minutes before the off if Ive placed a trade so that I can trade out (place my lay bet to green up). So you can imagine with the alarm going off every few minutes it gets a bit crazy keeping an eye on all the different selections. On top of that Ive got my other systems to keep an eye on and place bets. I think my head is ready to explode. Ill probably be a nervous wreck by the end of the 30 day test.  

til next Friday.  🙂