I’ve not tested a service like this one before on the blog. Sure Wins is an Odds-To service and for those that don’t know what that is, it works like this.

Rather than pay a monthly subscription, you are required to place a wager on each tip on behalf of the service, plus whatever you want to put on for yourself. If the bet wins, you are invoiced for the winnings. If it loses, the stake is credited to the next invoice.

The point of this is that the tips are so good that the professional bettors behind them can’t get their bets placed at the bookies so they spread them around by using punters like us. Apparently this service has ‘connections’ in the bookies that alert them to a lot of money being placed in unusual bets and we follow them.

Now, many years ago I tried services like this before and discovered they were a scam. Basically all they would do is give different portions of the membership a different tip in the same event so that no matter what the result, a significant number of people would win the bet and then forward their winnings to the service provider. So in a football match they would tell a third of the membership to bet on team A to win, a third on team B, and a third on the draw. The outcome would be that a third of their membership would win and send them a load of money thinking they are brilliant.

This sort of scam needs a high turnover of membership for obvious reasons.

Well I was natuarally very sceptical of Sure Wins, especially with their advertised 95% strike rate.

So, I contacted them and told them that I would test their service expecting to hear nothing back from them. Surprisingly they are up for it, which means either they are actually legitimate and I would have found the first odds-to service that isn’t a scam, or they are hoping someone signs up and has a few bets anyway before we expose it for what it is.

Either way, time will tell! I hope this is the real deal.

Friday 7th

Two bets, two losses.

Daily Profit: -£200
Total Profit: -£200

Ahem, well that could just be in the 5% of losing bets they have. I’ll wait with bated breath.