Hi all

Following discussions with Graham I have decided to finish off testing of System Black Box so below is the final couple of 2 hour sessions along with the final total profit/loss figures and my summary at the end.

Version 1

Games played = 20

Games won = 11

Profit/loss = +£2.90

Bank = £10.40

Original start bank = £50

Total hours played = 17

Overall loss = -£39.60

Version 2

Games played = 42

Games won =22

Profit/loss = -£21.60

Bank = £107

Original start bank = £120

Total hours played = 17 

Overall loss = -£13.00



Well the final figures I think you’ll agree are very disappointing & confirms my conclusion that this Baccarat system (using Betfair games) is no good at all in the long run. I was shocked when I originally viewed the system, I couldn’t believe it could actually have no losing days.

What suprised me even more was that on the day the original system was released (Version 1), a 3rd one was added which made me suspicious to say the least. I have tested Versions 1 & 3 as I feel they don’t give enough examples & clarity with Version 2 & it requires even more patience than System 1 & 2. 

A five year old could come up with a similar system, that’s how bad it is. Version 1 basically selects player in certain situations with 1 unit stake & Version 2 doubles up to a max of 4 times in certain situations.

With Version 1 you have more or less a 50/50 chance of getting that right, the trigger used actually doesn’t increase our chances any more, in fact the opposite is true (maybe a system there??) as is confirmed by our tests.

Version 2 can do well in patches & averages 5 to 6 pts/unit’s per hour. The problem is that a losing run of 4 (the max) loses a total of 15 unit’s so you see that you only need to get a losing streak once every 3hours to be back to square one. As you can see from the tests we struggle to win in the long run. I have spotted plenty of times prior to my testing plenty of these losing streaks ( they’re easy to spot).

I would advise no-one to purchase this system, it is a total waste of time, effort, money & loss of your sanity!! I will arrange with Graham to put in under ‘Failed Systems’

All the best


You can get System Black Box here: