Hi All

Todays methods 1 & 2 were ran between 5.43pm & 6.43pm (GMT) & here are the results:

Version 1

Games played = 5

Games won = 3

profit/loss = +£1.70

Bank = £49.40

Version 2

Games Played = 13

Games won = 5

Profit/loss = -£23.30

Bank = £75.60.

So another bad day on Version 2 system & not a great day on Version 1. If I had continued to do the test for a further hour we would have hit yet another £30 (15 unit’s lost at £2).

I haven’t explained yet but Version 2 is basically a doubling up system for a maximum of 3 times. The tests are starting to confirm my thoughts on both these systems. ie they are very poor!

Oh I would love to go on & tell you exactly what I think but maybe not just yet!

I probably won’t be around for testing tomorrow so the next 1hour test (can’t say I’m looking forward to it) will be Thursday or Friday.

Until then…..all the best