Hi All

Firstly my apologies for not posting sooner, I’ve been down with a virus all week & just on the road to recovery.

Anyway here’s 1hrs results ran between 8.50am & 9.50am (GMT) today (Fri).

Version 1

Games played = 3

Games won = 0

Profit/loss = -£6

Bank Balance = £44.80

Version 2

Games played = 8

Games won = 5

Profit/loss = +£7.30

Bank balance = £103.30

Well Version 2 making a bit of a recovery but it does take a long time to break even after one or two losing runs.

I plan to make my next post by Sunday at the latest. Hopefully these will cover 2 sessions though I haven’t decided whether these will be one two hour sesh or two separate 1 hr ones.

Until then all the best.