Hi All

I ran two 1 hour tests over the weekend (yesterday at 22.00pm & today at 10am) & here are the combined results.

Version 1

Games Played = 7

Games won = 5

Profit/loss = +£5.50

Bank Balance = £50.30

Version 2

Games played = 17

Games won = 11

Profit/loss = +£22.10

Bank Balance = £125.40

Well I didn’t think we would actually get there but after the equivalent of 5 hours playing we are in profit on Version 2 (& just above even on Version 1). That’s about 2.5pts profit.

I will try & run longer stints & the tests will continue until I hit the equivalent one hour per day for a month (30hours). With 5 already done we have 25 hours of testing to do. All being well we can get the testing wrapped up within the next two weeks.

I plan to make my next post Tuesday or Wednesday.

Until then all the best.