Hi All

Firstly my apologies with the delay in posting this.

I ran a couple of 2 hour tests yesterday & here are the results from both Versions:-

Version 1

Games played = 20

Games won = 6

Profit/loss = -£16.30

Bank = £7.50

Version 2

Games played = 49

Games won = 19

Profit/loss = -£29.10

Bank = £128.70

So both systems have taken a hiding, we are almost wiped out on Version 1 & Version 2 is only showing a very small profit. This is woeful really especially after playing a total of 13 hours.

It could have been even worse had I started testing by 20-30mins earlier as on two separate occassions we encountered two more losing streaks.This would have dented our bank severely & our bank would be around the £70 mark.  

With 13hrs testing done we are left with 17hrs more which I will wrap up asap & write my summary.

Next post will be by Sunday, until then all the very best.