Hi All

My name is Jason Browne, I am 36yrs old & I live in Bristol, UK. My full time occupation is as an EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) Support Engineer but my main hobbies & interests revolve around Football, Horse Racing & general betting systems.

The system I will be testing over the next few weeks is the System Black Box. This is basically a Bacarrat System used in conjunction with Betfair Games. A player has a choice of choosing Banker, Player or tie & the nearest to 9 over several hands wins.

The System Black Box itself is broken down into 3 Systems. Two were included in the original system but then the author added a third shortly after it’s release. In my opinion the latest system is the only one worth following though if possible I will run tests for the other two systems alongside the lastest 3rd system.

I plan to run the tests over periods of an hour though these may not be every day. However on some days I may end up running 2 or maybe 3 separate test sessions. I endevour to communicate when I plan to run my tests but as other things crop up this may not always be possible.

My aim is to start the tests from tomorrow using a bank of 60 unit’s as when we hit a losing streak (which will happen from earlier tests) the bank will not be wiped out immediately & will allow us to continue with our tests over a decent period of time.

I look forward to commencing the first 1hr test tomorrow & publishing it here tomorrow (by 9pm GMT).

All the best