Phantom Lays is the sister service to Super Tips.  It is a lay betting service (surprisingly enough) aimed at the shorter end of the market, with recommended maximum odds of 4.05.  Selections are sent out early and generally I have been receiving them between 7.00 and 8.00 am.

Subscriptions rates are the same as for Super Tips (£15 first two weeks, £33.50 for next four and then £67 every 28 days).

There are two staking plans, manual and automatic.  The manual plan is two tier depending on the number of runners.  For larger fields the stake should be two points and for fewer runners one point.  There is also a staking plan for using a (specific) bot that allows almost full automation of the system.  I shall be using a bot to place the bets shortly before the off.  While this is not fully automated, it is only a case setting it up with the correct filters in place and then inputting the runners.

For the manual staking I will report full results to BSP and for the bot I will give a summary of the day’s P/L.  In each case I will use a £1000 bank.