Due to the real world again impinging on online activites, getting online for extended periods has been a bit of a problem lately.  I apologise if the consequent delay in posting this final review has inconvenienced anyone.



Shortly after beginning the trial of Phantom Lays it seemed clear that the results could be volatile and so I decided that a three month trial was essential.

Manual selections achieved a high of around  20 points profit, then slipped back.  The low was around 13 points down, but for much of the trial the movement was sideways.  The bank moved into a loss on 7 November and stayed there throughout the rest of the trial.

Just over a week after the trial started, my version of the automated approach (laying in the live market, rather than using BSP as recommended) showed an increase on the bank of almost 60 points.  Unfortunately, it then slipped back and kept slipping until it was 70% down.  At that point I decided that this – not officially recommended – approach left a lot to be desired and I abandoned it.

When I last looked, I could not find any official results for the automated approach that uses the recommended software and methodology – staking 5% of the bank at BSP.  So I took the results for the entire period of the trial (18 September to 19 December) and ran them through The Staking Machine.  I find this extremely useful  for testing the profitability of systems and services and it is also recommended by Phantom Lays as one of the two software applications required to automate their selections.  Using a bank of £1000 TSM showed a profit of just over £300.   After subscriptions at the full rate of £67 per month this would leave slightly over £100 profit.  However, the recommendation for automating the selections is a £300 bank.  On that basis TSM showed a profit after BF commission of £100, give or take a penny or two.  This produces a loss after subs of over £100.  Consequently, based on The Staking Machine’s figures, the automated approach has failed to make a profit for the three months’ trial period.

I have not checked to see how the service has performed since the end of the trial, however my recommendation can only be based on the trial period itself.  Consequently, in view of the manual bank spending much of its time moving sideways and the trial showing a loss before subscriptions for this approach, and a loss after subs for the automated approach, I have no choice but to award this a Failed.

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