I trialled this service from 18 September to 27 October, the day the doors closed.  During that time it managed £206.69 profit to level £10 stakes and £1000 bank and £731.09 using their staking plan and a £2000 bank.  Had I ended the trial one day earlier those figures would have been £316.74 and £1061.34.  I’ve mentioned this, not to show the value of hindsight but to illustrate that while this is a volatile service significant profits are achievable.

Over the first few weeks of the trial there was a large draw down on the bank and at one point the staking plan bank was down to less than 37% of where it started.  This was followed by a small recovery, but the bank was still below 50%.  Then, on 11 October there were two winners, one at 28/1 and this put the bank well into profit, where it has remained.

From the end of the trial until yesterday (12 November) the £10 level stakes bank was down around £6.00, having been around £125 lower – remaining in profit throughout.  Also, a bonus service targetting the place market was introduced on 8 October.  Since its inception it has produced a profit of 31 points to level stakes and 336 using the recommended staking plan.  I think it’s worth mentioning, also, that results are recorded to BSP.  While I haven’t made a comparison, taking BOG prices for the main (win market) selections would probably yield larger profits, possibly significantly larger.

Subscriptions are not cheap at £67 per month, although there is a two week trial period and the first full month is half price.  However, I imagine that Super Tips will likely appeal to seasoned bettors with larger banks who are willing to accept a bumpy ride in return for high potential returns.

As a former colleague was fond of saying about volatile stocks, [this is] not for widows and orphans.  For anyone who is neither a widow nor an orphan I give Super Tips an approved rating.

Finally, the doors have closed elsewhere but, for readers of this blog only, they are have been re-opened and will close again at midnight on Saturday.

You can join Super Tips here: