Over the next several weeks or more I shall be trialling two services from System Lays, Super Tips and Phantom Lays.  To avoid confusion I will keep the two trials completely separate and shortly I will be posting an intro for Phantom Lays.

Super Tips is a subscription backing service costing £15 for the first two weeks, £33.50 for the next four and then £67.00 every 28 days.  There does not appear to be any restriction regarding the odds and there have been selections from long odds on to well over 30/1.

Selections can be backed to level stakes, in which a case a 100 point bank is recommended, or a staking plan can be used.  The staking plan is straightforward, uses a 200 point bank, each selections is awarded a rating of 3, 4, or 5 and should be backed accordingly.  So, a rating of 3 means stake three points and so forth.

Results are recorded to BSP and I will be using two banks, £1,000 with £10 level stakes and £2,000 with stakes of £30-£50 as per the staking plan.

I will post my intro for Phantom Lays before beginning the trials.