Yesterdays Results:-  

Long Term Trading:-

Hooray we had a selection! Double hooray! It won!!

4.20 NOT Hannicean

Back odds of 2.5. Lay odds of 2.36. At £100 each side of the trade this is £13.38 profit, which is a 6.69% return on £200 invested.  

Short Term Trading:-

Unfortunately I didnt trade on many of they races yesterday. One reason was because two of my backing systems I use, which use the Cash Master software, had many selections so I was focusing on them at points and missing the beginning of races just before the off when I should of been trading. Also, my internet provider froze up which could have been a complete disaster if I was half way through a trade. Lucky I wasnt but I did miss a couple of bets for my other systems.

I managed to trade on 5 races all with successful trades but only had one winner. Never mind, a profit is a profit. £7.60 profit for £100 each side of the trade.