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Short Term Trading:-

I managed to trade pretty much all day and evening yesterday only missing a few races. I have to eat you know! It was going really well, plenty of winners up until the 18th race. The horse Inkspot I think had trouble getting out of the gate coz the lay price zoomed up to odds of 1000 in just a few seconds. I hadnt got my lay trade in and was hoping to carry it forward into in-running. The problem was being such a short race, 5 furlongs, there was not much I could do as it was over so fast. I may avoid the short sprints in the future if this happens again. In the mean time I going to carry on as I am. So I lost £100 on this trade. However, I kept on trading until and including the 7:25 Windsor. I had two more winners. Total loss for the day £37.19. I confident I’ll make that back pretty quick.