Yesterdays Results:-  

Long Term Trading:-

At last we had a selection. The last one was on the 17th April so it was about time. Mind the style in the 2:20 Folk. When I placed my back bet it was defiantly steaming down in price, which is what we want. I checked the price a few hours later to see how the price was doing. It was still on it’s way down with loads of money in the lay columns, which indicates it’s still gonna go down. I thought I’d leave it a bit longer but when placing my lay bet about 10 minutes before the off the price had gone up above what I originally backed at. I tried closing the trade to cut my lose but twice the bet didnt get matched coz the price was rising so fast. Trade odds, backed at 2.58, laid at 2.90. My only hope now was that the horse would lose. Unfortunately it won. So our second minus profit day yesterday.

So far this systems has produced a mere 10 selections, 5 of which have gone on to win the race. I beginning to think this would better just as a level stake system. LOL!  

Short Term Trading:-

During the day I only traded on 5 races due to other commitments and only had one winner. I managed to get on a few in the evening though. In the instructions it says for in-running trading if a horse falls from the front to odds of 7.0 it NEVER goes on to win it’s race. I thought I’d implement this tip into my strategy if my horse didnt get matched on my lay bet I could have the bot automatically place a lay at this price if it reached 7.0 i.e. the horse slipped back from the front.

How wrong this tip was. The horse slipped back and the lay got placed at 7.0, the price continued to rise to 11.0 so I thought I was quite safe. Some how the horse went on to win the race. Thanks for the tip Mr System X Trader. I wont say what I think of you. Whollop! -£274.96 lost in one race. Total profit for the day -£252.09. My profit for the month is now at a mere £42.86. So all my hard work almost wiped out in a single race. So Ive got two choices. Start again or move on to something else. I’ll think I’ll go for the latter.