Yesterday’s Results:- 

Just one trade 

3.40 LIN Ravi River. Unfortunately it lost so a no win / no loss trade. 

However, I must say it’s nice placing a bet on a horse knowing you can’t lose any money but will make some if it wins. With the prices I got, if Ravi River had won, my ROI (return on investment) would have been 18.6%. I never made that in a day’s stock market trading. Of course this only happens if you get your lay price lower than your original back price and the manual does admit to losing trades but the successful strike rate is apparently between 85% – 90% using this system. 

The only problem I can see is being desperate to place a trade so I need to be disciplined. Let me explain. The analysis is bit long winded. You start on Betfair, then look at the Racing Post, then back to Betfair. I started with about 9 or 10 horses and after looking at the charts only one remained and I ummed and arred (I wasn’t quite sure) about that one. Gladly I took the trade. I’m sure I’ll speed up as it just takes practice like anything else.