Yesterdays Results:-   

Well I must say I’m disappointed. With so many races yesterday I really thought there would be a few more selections for this system. It turned out there was only one.   

The author of this system reckons he has about 3 selections a day and makes nearly £1000 a day using this system. I think there maybe a slight bit of exaggeration going on there.   

Anyway, enough moaning, onto yesterdays results. I placed my back bet on Shepherds Warning in the 2:05 Warwick at odds of 2.68. I later placed my lay bet at odds of 1.89 so an excellent trade. This would have been a 35.63% ROI (not including liability) if the horse would have won. Unfortunately it came in second so no profit. I guess thats what I get for being greedy and going for maximum profit. Of course this is a no loss though.  

I going to carry on the test going for maximum profit and if I continue to use System X Trader after that I will switch to the greening up method. I’d rather make something than nothing on a successful trade.