Yesterdays Results:-   

Long Term Trading:- 

2 Selections. One trade was successful but the horse came 2nd. The other trade wasnt successful but the horse also didnt win. So again a no loss / no win day for Long Term Trading.   

Short Term Trading:- 

A busy day again, trading on nearly every race. There where a couple of scary moments where the market went in the wrong direction. I let my trade carry over to in-running and got it matched or traded out at a potential loss but the horses lost anyway so no losses taken. However, this would have been bad if they would have won. Thats the problem with this kind of trading, you need a lot of wins to make up for one loss. If I was trading with £200 on each side of the trade I would have made £53.70. I am greening up so I wonder if it would have been more if I hadnt have done this. To be honest I havent been keeping track if the horses won or lost. I think today I’ll give it a try and only trade on the lowest price horse, which will usually be the favourite.