Yesterdays Results:-   

Long Term Trading:- 

There were two selections yesterday. One trade was successful, but barely as there was only one tick in it. So, if the horse would have won, which is didnt, I would have made hardly anything anyway. The other trade was unsuccessful but again the horse lost so no money lost again overall.   

Short Term Trading:- 

I starting to get excited about this method. I tried my new idea of not greening up. I only traded on 6 races, 10 minutes before off, trading on the 1st or 2nd favourite (lowest and second lowest price horse). Sometimes trading on both in one race which is better because it increases the chance on making a profit, as a losing horse doesnt lose any money if it’s a successful trade, which is the only risk in this system as mentioned yesterday. I had 4 winners, which gave me £35.14 days profit (if I was trading at £100 to back and £100 to lay). My best trade was on Irish Dancer, which was steaming down in price drastically. I managed to make 8 trades on this horse. If it had won I would have doubled my profit for the day.