Hi All

This is André Barber again. Today I’m going to start a new system test.

So here it is. I told you it would be something different. On the Cash Master Blog we have only seen laying and backing for the horses. I’m therefore excited to try this new to the market package called System X Trader.

Trading on horse racing is still a fairly new and unheard of concept to many people. In fact I only heard about it in the last few months. I have tried a couple of pieces of software to trade with but had little or no success. I’ve done my fair share of trading in the stock market also so this I’m really looking forward to. I’ll be running the test Mon, Tue, Wed and Thursdays and I’ll blog each morning the previous days results.

From what I’ve read it sounds very promising provided it produces profitable results (unlike the last system I tested, but we won’t talk about that). I’d also say it is good value for money as it gives more than one method of making money. Let me tell you what there is:-

Long term trading, short term trading, trading on other sports including cricket and formula 1 and a new method of selecting horses to back or lay using the Betfair charts which is very interesting.

To begin with I’m just gonna focus on the long term trading. This then has a further two options; you can ‘green up’ which means no matter what the outcome you make a profit or ‘maximise profit’ which I call a ‘win win / lose no lose situation’. Basically if the horse wins you make a profit and if it loses you win nothing but don’t lose anything either provided it was a successful trade. I’m going to be using the maximise profit method. I can always switch to the greening up method if I have lack of winning horses.

Okay, so today is the first day of trading. I’ll let you know tomorrow how I get on.