Here are the results for April, and we are still going in the wrong direction. There has been a change in the nature of this service; from an email on the 20th, “It’s time to get the winners flowing again. I must admit I’ve been really reducing the number of bets lately and sod’s law always means the ones I exclude are winning and the ones I go with end up losing.

I’ve monitored this for a couple of weeks and I’ll loosening [sic] the reigns slightly so please expect more bets from today onwards”.

This month has seen more bets (63) than the first two months combined (57), 47 of these bets have come since the 20th. This means that I may collect enough data to form an opinion sooner than anticipated when this trial started.

We are at the 3-month mark, and normally we’d be looking to bring a trial to a close. With only 77 bets before the change to the service, and only 10 days since the change, I do not feel that I have enough data to give this service a fair review and we’ll keep going for at least another month.

Month 3: Bets 63, Wins 22, Profit -19.52, Betfair -16.25
Overall: Bets 120, Wins 44, Profit -38.53, Betfair -36.13