It is difficult to know what to do with this trial. We now have 263 bets and could draw a conclusion. However, the increase in the number of tips per day only started on 20th April, as this is just over a month ago I would like to run the trial for a little longer to give this change a fair review. The service is 36 points down since the change was made.

Another poor month. I hope the increase in the number of tips starts providing more winners soon as the 62-point deficit needs to be fixed. In fairness, May is a tricky month for flat racing and my personal system took a clobbering in May too. I am hoping things will improve through June.

Month 4: Bets 63, Wins 22, Profit -10.47, Betfair -18.18
Overall: Bets 263, Wins 87, Profit -65.27, Betfair -62.24