Systematic Betting (Final)

I have been reviewing Systematic Betting, a horse racing tipping service from the Betting Gods stable.

Usual setup, after you subscribe you receive an email with the day’s selections. You simply place these as advised on the platform of your choice.

I started the trial on the 14th of February and at that time Ellie provided just 1 selection per day. I knew that it was going to take a few months to grab enough relevant data on which to base a conclusion. Just my luck though, looking at the Month-by-Month Breakdown from the Betting Gods website, I joined just as the skids went on and poor Ellie suffered one heck of a drawdown.

Ellie’s Month-by-Month Breakdown from the Betting Gods website

The results that I recorded follow this drawdown period.

There has been a big leap up in profit due to an 80/1 winner (140 to BSP): 24-Jun 15:40 Ascot, Khaadem each-way (4 places @ 1/5).

I don’t have a problem with a bet like this as Ellie obviously works hard to provide her selections and deserves a decent payout from time to time. The other thing to note from the charts above is that Ellie had managed to put the brakes on and the service appeared to hit a floor at around -70 points from mid-May until towards the end of June.

To advised (Bookmaker) prices the service ended 23 points down; this is £-230 to the CashMaster standard £10 per point. However, Betfair ended up 7.11 points or £71 even after 2% commission has been deducted. I don’t include the BOG offer in my consideration on a service as it is a perk and not all Bookmakers offer it, however, I do track it and BOG was -0.07 points down.

To be honest, at 70 points down I was considering failing this service. However, the last 6 weeks have given me hope that Ellie can turn this around. I also have to be aware that I did start at exactly the wrong time; had I joined 9 months ago I’m sure I would have a completely different view of this service. With That in mind I am going to rate this service as Neutral but with some confidence that good results are on the way.

You can get Systematic Betting here.