Apologies for not posting this earlier as I have been recording results for some weeks now.

Systematic Betting is a horse racing service that usually provides 1 to two bets per day. The bets are received by email and look like this:

As you can see you get the selection, staking advice, bookmaker prices and a summary.

Not a whole lot more to say really. I’ll record bets using the advised prices and BSP with a 2% commission deducted from winners. As usual, I don’t look at BOG when summarising a service as this is a bookmaker perk that can be withdrawn at their whim!

Due to the low number of bets expected each week, I will provide a monthly summary and, if the service provider is willing, I’ll probably extend the trial beyond 13 weeks so that I have a large enough sample on which to base a decision.

You can get Systematic Betting here.