Betting Pro Trades

Final Review

After 34 betting days for Betting Pro Trades, a subscription service costing about £24.99 per month (depending on the $/£ exchange rate), it is time to wrap this up.

The service is easy to use. You get an email which provides selections, entry and exit points, including a stop-loss where Stuart thinks this appropriate, and a suggested stake, normally to £50 liability. Easy enough to adjust the stakes to reflect your bank, but I will blog this using the stakes Stuart recommends.

This is trading, so you need a betting exchange account.

Once the email is received, you place all the bets Stuart recommends, including the exit points, and come back later to collect the winnings!

I have had several email communications with Stuart. I have found his responses to be both polite and rapid.

The trial has ended £137 in profit. Even deducting £50 to pay for subscriptions there is still a profit. To be honest Stuttgart v.s Hoffenheim on 4th Dec took £250 out of the bank. I traded this for real but limited my losses to £1.50 when I saw Hoffenheim had had a red card against them. Therefore my experience and profit is better than posted. There are other situations where I did not exit at the recommended point, but I stayed in to extract greater profits. However, I regard myself as an experienced trader; I would not recommend this approach to those new to trading. I have kept the blog to following Stuart’s advice though,

To operate this service you will need a bank in excess of £500, but probably more to give yourself a level of comfort.

I am going to go with APPROVED for this as I will probably take out a subscription to continue to follow Stuart’s recommendations. A couple of recent bad bets decimated the profit, but that is the nature of trading. Even with these, there is a profit and I have confidence that having built the bank up once, Stuart can do it again.

You can join Betting Pro trades here:

UPDATE 21st Febraury 2011

The latest results from the Betting Pro Trades service is showing a profit after Betfair commission of £990. The average loss on a losing trade is between £50 and £100 so no huge risks involved, but pretty steady profits. This service is clearly profitable even after subscription payments and they do offer a 14 day free trial too.

They’ve also just introduced a weekend service, which is a lot cheaper and aimed at people that only want to trade on weekends.

Check it out here: