I have been asked to look at the Betometer. My first thoughts were this was a trading platform like Betting Assistant, Bet Angel Lite, The Geek Toy, etc, and indeed it can be used that way. However, it wasn’t until I looked at the video that I understood what the Unique Selling Point for this tool is.

Betometer provides a simple, quick way to analyse the market against the Betometer’s team’s ratings. These ratings are shown as odds, so you can quickly tell whether a selection is over-priced, under-priced or about right. The videos suggest three strategies depending on this information: Dutch 2 or more selections, Lay Dutch 2 or more selections, or simple tick-offset trading. I am sure that, in time, further strategies will be added. For example, if the Betometer team indicate 2 clear favourites based on their ratings, you Dutch these to win. If the Betometer clear favourite isn’t the market favourite you could either back trade the Betometer favourite looking for the price to come in or lay trade the market favourite looking for the price to drift. The video on the sales page makes this a bit clearer I feel.

The Betometer team are keen to make the tool reflect what their customers want, and are happy to field suggestions. As the strategies mentioned above seem to rely on placing bets as the race starts, I think an audio alarm would be most useful for me. I would also like to see a forum so that Betometer users can swap strategies. I am sure these will appear if there is enough demand.

The success of tool will ultimately be decided on the veracity of their ratings. It is impossible to review these as, in all probability, if I gave them to 5 different people I would get 5 different interpretations of the market. Also, it is difficult for me to syphon off just the ratings so that I could provide a statistical analysis of them.

Without a prolonged trial it is difficult to provide a recommendation as to approve or not. The tool is clearly not rubbish though!

You can get The Betometer here:

The Betometer – supplemental

I have had a little discussion with the development team via email, and think I need to clarify my position.

One of the things that it is very difficult for a reviewer to do is to deviate from a point-of-view once an opening position has been established. My first opinion of The Betometer was that it is a trading platform with a few additional and unique features, and this set the direction of my subsequent review.

If I may be allowed to deviate a little here; I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy (typical IT Geek). To some people these books are devil spawn and hold no literary value. On the other hand, I could not read Bronte or Tolstoy and enjoy their books. The point being that it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.

I now recognise that, in attempting to make The Betometer easy to use, the development team have used many elements in common with trading platforms. However, I concede that what the Betometer is attempting to do is find value (or the lack of it) to enrich your trading decisions, or to quote from their email “It (The Betometer) is a program that is not so much a tool but a suite of methods for finding and exploiting value”.

Unfortunately I am going to be one of those people who “just don’t get it” and I doubt I will ever be able to appreciate (or use) the unique features, so the only thing to do is try it, and see whether you do!

You can get The Betometer here: