Where is Cryptocurrency going next? The Realistic Trader

A quick update while I am away holiday as it has been a little while since the last post about the Crypto Course from The Realistic Trader.

Since the last post the value of all Cryptocurrencies has dropped quite substantially. If you have not  yet invested is this a good time to get in, or do you feel relieved that you haven’t? For those of you with some investment in this asset class are you anxious, or are you thinking this is amazing and investing further while the costs of these assets is so low? My position has always been to be as informed as I can be. As well as all the course material provided by Siam Kidd (The realistic trader) there is a very vibrant Facebook Group community with regular posts and updates by both Siam, and the group members.  How does everyone feel at the moment? Well, very mixed is the answer!

If you had decided to invest in December 2017, during record high prices, your portfolio of investment would be 60-70% down now…… requiring a big swing round to get back to break even. There are clearly people in this position who are feeling quite desperate! However, if you had invested about 1 year ago from now you would still be up. This is the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and is why any investor should think about investing risk capital only. Those who got into the market even earlier are still way up on their initial stake.

I have followed many of Siam’s recommendations during the market moves, and while my portfolio has dropped in value the number of tokens/coins I have has risen, which puts me in a better position when the market rallies. I could not have done this without his knowledge.

Many believe that we are currently at the bottom of the market, with many factors all coming together now to allow institutional investment, and Wall Street and co are about to jump in. If that is the case then in a year or two from now the current prices we are seeing could look like chicken feed! Could this be the perfect time to dip your toe in the water before you miss out?

There is a lot of rubbish written about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by people looking to make headlines. However, crypto is here to stay and I read, and research, a lot about it all. I still feel that this crypto course is the most complete I have come across, especially for the complete novice, to inform you enough to make your own decision about how / if / when to invest.

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