Football Bets

Football Bets Final Review

I have been testing Football Bets for 35 betting days. Football Bets is a simple subscription service costing £29.99 per month (although the first month is discounted), where you receive tips via several emails.

The email tells you what to bet on with a suggested number of points to bet. I paper bet £100 per point.

There are three different tipsters known as “Tamboy”, “99Reds” and “Betting Laying Club”. Through the trial “99Reds” and “Betting Laying Club” have been roughly as successful as each other. “Tamboy”, although in profit, contributed significantly less to the overall profit total.

If I had concluded this trial two weeks ago I would have been gushing enthusiastically about this service as the total profit stood as over £1,000. However, the wheels came off this week and the cumulative profit now stands at £293. No doubt the really bad weather of the past two weeks has not only reduced the selection pool but affected performances on the pitch too.

As you have to wager a fairly hefty amount per point to cover the subscription costs and return a reasonable profit I cannot categorise this as SUCCESSFUL. However, a profit was made so I cannot go FAILED either. This leaves NEUTRAL as the only rating for this service, unless you are comfortable wagering £50 plus per point!

You can try Football Bets here: