Stallion Racing Picks

Hi, I’m Dave and I’ll be testing this service for three months.

Stallion Racing Picks is from the Pro Betting Club stable of services. It is (yup, you guessed) a horse racing backing service (UK and Irish) which claims to make a not inconsiderable income for a current subscription cost of £49 per month, or £119 per quarter. It claims an average 40% strike rate and has been running for 5 months with no losing months, and a longest losing run of 6.

Selections are emailed daily before 1pm, so this will only take a few minutes a day to run, and you can use a bot if required. Results are recorded to Betfair SP -5%. If BSP is less than evens, no bet. I will be recording early price results as well to see if the BSP results can be improved upon.

An 80 point bank is suggested. For the published results at £100 per point, that would mean you would need an £8k bank, beyond many of us, but this is called a professional service. Furthermore, selections are given as either 3 points or 6 points, and I suspect this is to shore up a successful service. It may be true that some selections are given more confidently than others, so I will be recording the results to either 1 point or 2 points.

You can try Stallion Racing Picks here:

Jump Jockey Profits

I heard today that Jump Jockey Profits will be removed from sale today as they are nearing the membership limit. I have nothing to report on this service yet as the weather has scuppered the racing but they are offering the first month for £1 so it may well be worth having a punt for a month yourself to see what you think. At least then if it turns out to be a good one you’ll already be in.

I will certainly update the blog with the results when we get any.

You can try Jump Jockey Profits here: