Laying Winter Profits

Anyone that has been using Laying Summer Profits and Laying Autumn Profits knows what a great system this is. Well, Laying Winter Profits is now here!

This is an absolute dream of a system and the web site is jam packed with information relating to the systems performance including: –

5 Year Profit History With Not One Losing Month
The Worst Month in 5 Years Achieved 7 Points Profit
Incredible 83% Strike Rate
Low Average Liability

Please take a look:

I personally bet with these systems every day. As with the previous summer and autumn systems, this is specifically geared for the winter racing market and it’s history speaks for itself.

I get asked a lot which are my favourite systems and this is one of them. Do yourself a favour and add this to your betting arsenal. You won’t regret it.

They also have a selection service for those not wishing to work out the bets themselves. The best value option is the three month option:


UPDATE March 2011

Just a very quick update on Laying Winter Profits.

The results for this season actually showed a loss of 1.6 points for the season. This is pretty disappointing but the Summer and Autumn systems showed a nice profit, and the Spring system is doing ok at the moment too.

In light of the fact that Laying Winter Profits drew about even this winter I’m going to recategorise it as a Neutral and see how it gets on next year.