Tam’s Tips is, as the name suggests, a tipping service from the Probetting Club. Up to 4 Horse racing win back tips a day are received after logging in to the site at 12:30 with a password that is provided. The service is currently on an offer for £19.75 per month or £44.75 per quarter until the end of January. Thereafter the normal rate is £39.50 p.m or £89.50 p.q. So if you take advantage of the offer it works out to be in round terms 50 pence per day.

The service has been running since May 14 and claims to have had 7 winning months and just 1 losing month for a total gain of 311 points as of 31 Dec 14; having dealt with the Probetting Club on several other services I have no reason at all to doubt the accuracy of these figures. A betting bank of 100 points is needed and the tips can be automated onto Bet Engine.

I tested the system for 3 months so that we could see the performance through the main part of the NH/AW season and the transition into the Turf season as well. A paper betting bank of £500 was used and a point is £5.

This is my fourth and final report on Tam’s Tips and covers the period from 1 March to 6 April inclusive:

1 March 15 – 7 March 15

I had 25 tips in the course of the week and from these there were only 3 winners producing a strike rate of just 12%.The longest losing run in the week was 9 and given the low s/r there was no sequence of winners. This week was way down on previous performances and leads to a loss on the week of some £296.31 a drop of 43.6%.

Opening Bank £675.95 Close Bank £379.64

8 March 15 – 14 March 15

21 tips were e mailed in this week and there were 6 winners so the strike rate went back up to a respectable 28.57%, the longest losing run was 4 and there was also a winning sequence of 3.The results of this meant that the bank climbed up by some 23.5% over the previous week although it is still slightly down on the opening account back in January by 6.2%.

Opening Bank £379.64 Close Bank £469.01

15 March 15 – 21 March 15

There were 39 selections during this week and although there were 8 winners amongst these the strike rate fell down to 20.51%.A sequence of 8 losers was the longest losing run and there was one sequence of 2 winners but overall a disappointing week with the bank declining by £39.66 a drop of 8.46% and some 14% down on the original starting bank.

Opening Bank £469.01 Close Bank £429.35

22 March 15 – 28 March 15

A drop this week in selections to 30 but this produced 10 winners so the strike rate went back up to 33% with one sequence of 3 winners and the longest losing run was 7.The bank climbed as a result of the improved strike rate and closed up £62.18 a gain of 14.5% up and now just 1.7 5 down on the starting bank.

Opening Bank £429.35 Close Bank £491.53

29 March 15 – 6 April 15

In the final period of 9 days I had 24 selections and they produced 7 winners, a strike rate of 29.2% with one sequence of 2 winners and a longest losing run of 4.Despite this drop in performance the winning odds meant that the bank climbed by £64.01 a gain of just over 13% and an increase on our opening account of £55.54.

Opening Bank £491.53 Close Bank £555.54

So a gain of just over 11% for the 3 month period but this would be offset by the subscription fees to the service resulting in a small loss for the trial utilising a £500 bank.

However proofed figures from the Probetting Club show that there have been only 2 losing months since inception in May 2014 and March 15 was one of these. They claim an overall gain of 310.75 points to 31 March 15 and given my previous experiences with Probetting I have no reason to doubt there figures

So based on figures from May 14 and my results I give Tams Tips a qualified pass.

You can try Tams racing Tips here:Approved2