This is a straightforward horse racing service from the BetHub stable. Bets are sent early by email, often the previous day. I have been trialing this since early August, so four months, during which we have had 150 bets. You can see from the graph that it took a few weeks to take off, but was never much in arrears. As it made a profit to quoted prices and also to Betfair SP, it will be of interest to all our subscribers.

Here are the stats

  • Strike rate: 26%
  • Outlay per selection: 1-3 points
  • ROI quoted prices BOG: 20%
  • ROI Betfair SP: 12%
  • Profit Aug-Dec quoted prices BOG: 54 points
  • Profit Aug-Dec Betfair SP: 31 points

So whether you bet with the bookie or on Betfair, this has made a decent profit after subs, and I am happy to recommend the service.

You can try Target Racing here