I have been looking at Target Tips from the Pro Betting Club stable, a horse racing tipping service for backing horses to win. The service normally costs £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter.

It is very simple to operate, you get the selections and put them on, using Betfair or Bookies, so I recorded prices to BSP.

There is a staking plan with this service, which increases the points to be bet until the 8th consecutive loss, whereupon the cycle resets.

The trial finished 71.94 points down, a loss of £719.40 using the cash-master standard of £10 per point. From this a further £89.50 for three months of subs needs to be deducted taking the loss to just over £800. The website recommends a £4000 bank to bet at £100 per point, so £400 for £10, so at £10 per point the bank has been blown, twice, if you factor subscriptions as part of the bank.

The win rate is 30% but the average odds were 2.91, but remember there is a loss recovery system in-use here so this may be acceptable long-term..

Website says longest losing run is 12, but in the last 2 weeks I have had 14 straight losers and 15 straight losers. No slight on the reporting here as the results for November will not have been posted yet.

This service has to be categorised as failed on the basis of this trial. The website does show impressive profits though, just not seen them here, and I might just have experience an unlucky run.

More info HERE.