Day 14

The surge on the market open wasnt quite enough to trigger a trade.

The next surge triggered the trade before reversing to make a full loss 🙁

The next trade did the same thing but I noticed that the market had slowed before it reversed and got out for 50% loss.

Third trade was the same.

These were all valid TTT signals.

I operate a 3-strike rule; three consecutive losing trades mean I stop for the day.

I am not going to be around tomorrow or all next week. Shame I have to leave TTT on a downer. Todays loss is £45.60. After such a nice spell of profits, a slight hicough was to be expected I suppose :(. I’ll pick this up again in December.

On that note, I will only trade the first 2 weeks of December; another personal rule. This is because Dealer holidays and office parties make for (usually) light trading on the markets. I will sum up TTT at that time.

Two last things to note, a) made a profit this week if you look at the whole week, and b) 100% return on investment (we started with £100) in 3 weeks is none to shabby. So, feeling slightly disappointed with today, but need to keep things in perspective.
Bank now £205.90.