Day 18

A bad day today.

First trade lost 9 points. In order to move the stops to lock in profit the trade has to make a few points in to the daily target. In order to protect the anonymity of the system I am not saying how many points in to profit this is. However, the point where I could lock in a profit was not reached, so I have to take the loss.

The next trade did make the point where I could move the stops before it too fell back, leaving me 8 points down on the day.

The next trade mirrored the first, this time for 15 point loss making loss for today of 23 points.

I am going to stop trading for today as the charts are just not with me; massive movements but without valid TTT entry signals so I cant get on, and the ones I do get on are not holding.

Please let me reiterate that some people who are following this blog may have had a different  experience as the different brokers/spread betting companies have different data feeds. It is quite possible that someone else was able to move their stops and be in profit today. On my charts I didn’t make the targets and couldn’t move the stops.

Bank now £219.90.