Day 19

Sorry I didnt trade on Friday, I was poorly. Pity, as it looked like an easy day to pick up some money.

Easy-peesy today, with both FTSE and Dax dipping on open, having a brief rally, and then slowly nudging downwards. The rally was just enough to give us an entry signal when it petered out. Once entered the trade took about 15 minutes to reach the target.

I would like to enter a little description regarding last Thursday.

I do other trading, using a system we have been asked not to blog just yet, on ForEx (Pound/US Dollar). This went very badly on Thursday, and the poor experience there tainted, badly, my trading of this system. We are all human, and cant ring-fence our emotions.

So I am very sorry that Thursday did not give a true reflection of the power of this system. However I decided to write up my actual experience rather than a mythical one.

Bank now £239.90.