Day 21

A very frustrating morning.

The trades I got on did one of two things: either they opened and moved jsut enough to move the stops before reversing and stopping out, or they just moved enough to open the trade (set at 5 points above the signals) before reversing for full losses.

Three full losses for today now, with some interleaved trades for small gains as indicated above.

I feel that the Chancellors statement at 12:30 has the market jittry. However, my three loosing trades rule kicks in, and, disappointingly we now have a bank of £203.30.

I might make 1 more trade though, after 12:30, as we may get a decent trend once Mr Darling starts.


Bloody typical (pardon the language). I decided to do some early Christmas shopping and come back at 12:30. The charts show about 5 minutes after I left the computer there was a massive move which would have easily covered the loss and even made the target for today.