Day 13

Both FTSE and Dax had a small opening collapse this morning, but neither market met TTT entry criteria. Unfortunately both markets meandered in the doldrums after that, with plenty of signals, but only 2 rallies strong enough to trigger a trade. The first of these petered out just after the lock-in profit target was reached. The other trade I was on Dax as the Dax feed went down across all 3 charting packages I am currently using, so there was a fault in the system somewhere. This meant I was unable to manage the trade, as even the brokers feed was down so they couldnt give me a current price.

When the feed came back I was very close to a full loss, but the trend reversed and at approx 11:05 made a 15 point jump. I was lucky the server didnt trigger my target so I manually closed the trade for extra profit. The extra profit was pure good fortune, although TTT worked, it got me in the trade, it didnt stop out and reached the daily target.

This nicely reverses the loss made last week were I couldn’t close a trade when it made a big movement, that time against me; swings and roundabouts I suppose.

A nice £29.20 profit today then 🙂

Bank now £251.50.