I’ve been recording results for Tennis Profit Pool for the last 3 months.

The system costs a one off fee of £49.97 and is obtained by using log in details to read the rules on a “Bookshop” website, you cannot download or even copy and paste them into a file of your own for easy referral.

This is a rule based system where you source selections from a public website, named within the system’s rules, and place your bet every day following your choice of staking plan.

The starting bank level (and the amount you increase the stakes for Plan C ) are left up to you. They give you ballpark figures as examples. I chose to go down the middle each time. If they say 20 – 40, I went for 30.

The basic plan is level stakes, Plan B is a loss recovery method, Plan C is loss recovery plus an increasing basic stake.

There are very few actual rules involved and the main one that is there seems a little random, there doesn’t seem to be a logical reason why you would pick selections from the one specified column on that website. It’s not the higher ranked or seeded player, it’s not always the favourite, it’s not even in alphabetical order. All I can guess at (and it is a guess as I know nothing about tennis) that it is purely down to which “side” of the tournament draw they are on. That seems to be without merit as a way of distinguishing between selections and is probably harming the system.

To the figures, I have made selections on pretty much every day over the last 3 months, I may have missed the odd day here and there but very few:

Plan A (Level Stakes) -5.1 POINTS

Plan B (Loss Recovery) +4.93 POINTS

Plan C (Loss Recover + Increase) -4 POINTS (but did blow its bank mid-trial and then made a comeback)

It wasn’t doing too badly but a horrible losing run in the middle of May absolutely scuppered it.

Of the figures they quote on the sales page, the only period that full coincides with my trial is the month of April and my findings are broadly in line with those for the Level Stakes plan, so maybe over the very long term there’s something worth having here, but during our trial period we have been up a little, down a little, and ended up where we started. As I said, May was very tough and it wiped Plan C out entirely, Plan A lost money, and Plan B just about made the cost price back if you bet a £10 a bet.

It’s not something I’ll be recommending

Try it here