Hello everyone, I am running this test on Patrick Ross’ Tennis Trading League service.

Selections are posted to a password protected area of the website, but an email is sent to prompt members to visit the members area to view the days selections.

There is no bank advised to hold before entering into the trades, but Patrick advises to use 10% of the bank for most trades, but for some he backs (or lays) “Heavy”, that is 30% of the bank.

Having seen the selections for a few days now, on some days there has been as many as twelve to fifteen trades. This would make a 10% stake needing more than the bank total. So for the purpose of this review, I will show the trades to a £10 stake for backing first trades, and a £10 liability for laying first trades.

Should an entry point not be available, I will put an order in hoping to be matched. Should that order not be matched before the exit point is reached, then I will deem that trade to be voided.

There are three membership levels:

Silver: €10 per month (approximately £8.50)
Gold: €69 per year (Approximately £58.50)
Platinum (lifetime membership: €99 (approximately £84.00)

I will be catching up with the trades so far over the next few days.

You can see more details behind Patrick’s service here: