Hello Everyone,

This is my final review of the Trading Tips selections for Patrick Ross’ Tennis Trading League.

The service is for trading tennis matches, with selections being advised to initially back or lay, with exit prices advised. The selections are posted to a members’ area, with an email to confirm that a posting has been made.

The emails usually arrived in good time for the matches being played. There were only a couple of exceptions to this, which over a sixty-day period is not overly unacceptable.

When I originally started this review, I showed the costs of this service in Euros. The page that I originally saw has now been changed to sterling. Those costs are:

Silver: £10 per month
Gold: £69 per year
Platinum (lifetime membership): £99

The selections were (and still are) advised without a stop loss. However there is a help section with how to calculate where your stop loss should be.

If you have followed this review from the beginning, then you will know that I reported the selections as full losses, up to September 4th, during the U S Open. Patrick contacted me to say that this was incorrect, and that he was constantly reminding members of the stop loss. During the early days of this review, I had not seen any such reminder.

I created a spreadsheet for myself to help with this review, to show what the stop loss would be based in the entry point that I had. I forwarded the spreadsheet to Patrick, so that it could be made available to his members, and has been published on his website.

The period of this review, after the change in the stop loss, ran from 5th September to October 27th. The results of the review were:

Selections: 323
Wins: 182 (19 void)
Loss: -£84.60

During the review, the tennis circus decamped to the Far East, and there were a number of matches that I was just unable to follow as they were taking place during the early hours. Having thought about how those matches went, they do not affect the overall performance.

With matches taking place at these hours, if you wanted to follow all of the selections all of the time, you would need to turn nocturnal at some times of the year.

For a service costing £10 per month, the loss made during the review period is not disasterous, but when conducting a review, with a strike rate over 55%, the performance has not come up to what you would like to expect.

However, the review has to be judged by the results, there is only one category where the results fit. That is the failed category.Failed

If you wish to do so, you can join Patrick’s service here: