Reviewed by Terry Shepherd

Race Your Profits (RYP) is a system based on trading the performance of the favourite in a tennis match in a specific way. The author states that there is no need to watch the match in progress and implies that operating the system takes very little time; in fact, this is not quite the case. He gives all the necessary instructions about where to check for suitable matches and where one can follow the live score.

The fairly compact instruction part of the manual is backed up by videos which show the process in detail but these are hardly necessary, the method can be explained virtually in one line. There are the usual glowing examples of successful trades and a strong recommendation for Bet Angel Pro to assist in closing the trade by greening up though he does offer the address of a hedging calculator if you don’t have such software. There is also a section on how to manage the odds taken to close the trade to keep a balance of profit between winners and losers.

Considering that a contest of only two outcomes is the best possible place to trade, I have long looked for a method for tennis so I actually bought this system, considering it was worth the low price of £17.99 just to find out if this might be it. In fact, I cant really complain about it because the actual basic idea is quite a good one. The snag arises when you consider the time required to use it. It’s true that the actual operation of the system will probably take no more than about 10 minutes but this quietly ignores the fact that you have to watch the live scores through the first set to see if the game is going to qualify at the end of it so you can place your bet, then at least a portion of the second in order to clinch the trade at the right moment.

When you consider that there are many matches in the first days of a tournament and you are trying to watch the first sets in many overlapping matches, you can be very busy indeed between the Men & the Ladies. Since there are matches continuing all day which you should arguably be trying to watch for qualifiers, the burden can be considerable. Also, the tournaments can be in any time zone, from 12 hours before to 12 hrs behind GMT, so this can be difficult too, though since there are probably two or three events every week you can pick the one which fit’s you best.

Ones results depend not only on the favourite meeting the criteria but also on how the two players perform in relation to each other. This will affect the amount the odds swing when the events you require actually occur – provided they do. If things go wrong it is perfectly possible for the odds to jump so quickly that you can lose your entire stake before you can get a closing bet matched and there is also the possibility that there might not be enough money available on the lay side when you need it. However, on most occasions when the trade is placed, things do go the right way but even then the odds don’t always shift as much as you would hope and you have to accept less than the ideal amount of profit. This is heavily affected by the relative performance of the two players and as the week progresses through the rounds and the available matches dwindle, the players naturally tend to be of more equal ability and this definitely reduces the odds shift between them. It also makes the result you want less likely.

I traded the Ladies at Wimbledon for the first week (you can only use this method on three-set matches, so Mens Grand Slams are out), during which time I won a little money and lost one whole stake when the No 1 seed was knocked out by a lady 130-odd places below her in the rankings. At the end of the week I was exhausted, checking all the matches for eligibility and trying to keep several balls in the air at once. Since it was destroying the time I normally spend on my Forex trading as well, I gave up on it.

However, if you can afford the time and can handle balancing several matches through their critical betting phase while watching for other qualifiers with the other eye, the system does work quite often and I can see it turning a profit without a lot of risk; it just needs a lot of careful attention to protect your stakes. So, it’s fair to give it a thumbs up on that basis, though it’s not for me.


Some thoughts on the other two systems this author offers as part of a suite of three for £77.00. Though I didnt trade them, due to the time requirement, one of them at least was sufficiently similar to form a judgement.

The Champ Winnings System is about trading the two players in the first set of a match. Without disclosing the specific method, it is based on ones expectations of the favourites performance and is a straightforward trading method on that. This would at least make the watching of the first set potentially profitable, though to handle several matches at once, while integrating this with the very full RYP scenario as the author suggests, might be a little ambitious, to say the least.

As usual, the ebook describes the fairly simple system clearly and offers video instruction as well. It requires you to pay close attention to the whole of the first set and while it would obviously benefit from a live TV feed, it is described as being operated with the use of the live score feed on one of the bookmakers sites, like the RYP. Not having traded this personally, I cant point to any specific profit or losses but it does look a plausible method if you have the time.

The third system, the Tennis Scalper, depends entirely on in-play betting on a live TV feed throughout the whole game, so a definite non-starter for me. This would be entirely familiar to anyone who had indulged in this sort of trading on the Betfair live prices, though where you would be trading the movements in the actual prices on the exchange, in this you trade on the outcome of each game or even each point scored, so there is the potential to build up good profits over the whole match. The method is exhaustively described in the ebook, with the usual videos, so much so that it leads me to believe that this is the authors chosen method.

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