It seems that my month’s review feed has expired, nothing received after Friday so this is a final report on this service.

The first three weeks of this were not encouraging, with us some 24% down on our starting bank. However, in the last 6 days of the trial, it did turn around somewhat and finally ended with a total of £130.79. This was solely due to the back bets advised, the lays pulled what could have been a better final total down by £24.90.

So, although I was going to place this on the failed list due to the first three weeks, the last week has persuaded me to move it into the neutral, or unproven category.

My reason for caution is that, on Saturday, I received a mail advising me that selections would no longer be advised by mail, I was exhorted to go to a website where I could pay £5 for the privilege of trying out the new Pointer software for 10 days, after which I would be charged the monthly fee of £45. I don’t know how their clients will receive this, I suppose that if they are satisfied with the service they’ve had, they might wish to pursue it. I can only judge it on the service I tried.

Anyway, the month’s result:

Start bank £100
Final bank £130.79
P/L back bets £55.69
P/L lay bets -£24.90
Strike rate back bets 66%
Strike rate lay bets 40%

UPDATE by Graham Laurie

I personally have found this service to be completely unprofessional. At one point the tips simply stopped for a few days when the guy went away for a long weekend and only bothered to tell us when he returned. They keep moving the goal posts too and although I will put this in the Neutral section as it’s Terry’s decision, my personal advice is to keep well away from these cowboys.

UPDATE 6th January 2010

I just received the following e-mail from a regular reader. I’ve moved this service to the Failed Section.

“Hello Graham
I thought you might appreciate an update for one of earlier tests.
The company in question is Tax Free Quid and I believe you
referred to them as “cowboys”.
I too had a trial of their selections service and wasn’t overly
impressed. I cancelled when they went to a seminar in London
for a few days and selections either failed to arrive or came
too late to be of any use.
When they sent me an email regarding their new Football Filter
software I was already guarded but as there was a free 15 day
trial I thought that I had nothing to lose. Even the annual fee
after the trial, at £34, was attractive.
When you agree to the trial Paypal shows 15 days free and then
an annual fee of £45.
I contacted TaxFreeQuid to point out the error.
They have written back to say there is no mistake. They deliberately
quote £34 in the sales email to attract visitors. It is up to the
customer to realise that they will be charged more.
Their reason was that this Advertising Strategy is used by
everyone and there is nothing wrong in doing so.
I was flabbergasted and wrote back to that effect.
They replied to say that they didn’t know what my problem was
and they would not reply again if I contacted them. The matter was closed.
Perhaps you would like to alert your readers. If they are happy to pay £45
then that is fine but be wary of the £34 advertised.
All the best”