As you will know if you have read the previous post, my Dad is quite poorly in hospital. Thankfully he does appear to have bottomed out and stabilised. He is due to be moved to another ward now, where they can start tests to determine a diagnosis.

The Golden Key trail is now all but over and I will write up a summary over the next few days.

As can be seen from the summaries below, we have had a good day and a bad day. The bad day had 4 winners, 3 returned significant losses. The winner from yesterday also returned a loss. This IS countered by the wins for profits and, overall, the direction is up. Just a tad annoying when this happens, that’s all.


Sat 17 Jan (Day 26) – 17 selection, 4 wins, 13 lossers, loss of £62.60

Sun 18 Jan (Day 27) – 8 selections, 1 win, 7 lossers, Loss of £2.80

Mon 19 Jan (Day 28) – 22 selections, 5 wins, 17 loosers, profit of £53.60

Thu 22 Jan (Day 29) – 16 selections, 1 win, 16 lossers, loss of £16.50

Current bank £457.70, profit 20.77 points