The Ace Place is a software system from the producers Betting Automation who operate the highly successful system Horse Race Selection Service. The Ace Place –TAP- does not however require multiple betting firm accounts –just a Betfair account and the system is available at £47 per month but this can be reduced to £20.58 a month if purchasing a yearly subscription in advance.

TAP has adopted a model of what the ratio between Win and Place in either the Back and Lay market should be in a theoretical betting market . The software then seeks to spot anomalies that may occur between the Win and Place prices of a horse and then calculates if a good value Win or Place Back bet or a Win or Place Lay bet opportunity is occurring for that horse.

The system is aimed at the longer term investor in racing as it is widely recognised by the majority of racing “experts” that bets representing good value are the key to long term profitability. The system requires obviously that a subscriber has both a computer and a Betfair account. Back up from the producers is available via e mail and the one query I had was quickly answered.

TAP is both easy to download and set in motion and comes with a short one page manual on the various ways the system could be employed. There is  no hard and fast “one way only  principle” here –it will depend on the user having say a preference for Back betting over Lay betting or maybe Place betting over Win betting etc. etc.

At this stage I should say I do not think that this is a tool for the complete novice as I believe that initially to get the best out of the package from a standing start then a strategy based around  the type of race the user is already most experienced and successful  in is required.

Ten minutes before post time the system starts to monitor the prices in the Win/Place Back and Lay markets ,the re-cycle rate and which of the 4 markets is of interest are easily selected and at first I merely used the Win back market until I was comfortable with the system display. The value selections are easily recognisable when they occur -flashing in either blue or red as per Betfair for either the Back or Lay opportunity.

I decided after a couple of days of getting used to the system to experiment with the various Back/Lay markets and did find through trial and error that Laying shorter priced favourites was relatively successful. No doubt another user may well experiment and come up with a say a Place back system or yet another a trading pattern, the point here is that there is no “right or wrong” way with a system like this.

During  the summer months there are up to 6 meetings a day so it would require a great deal of time and patience to sit through every race hence the need to specialise in certain race types be they stakes  sprints or handicap medium distance etc. and they type of betting to be employed.

Whilst I found that the system did do “what it says on the tin” I believe it is probably best suited to those who want to spend time experimenting and paper trading to find a working set of criteria. Indeed for those who have not maybe  yet settled on a way of punting and have the time and inclination there may well be many profitable ways of employing TAP.

This system is not for me but I rate this system as a Pass.Approved2

You can try The Ace Place here: