I’m pleased to say that membership to the Affluence System has been reopened, including the £1 two week trial offer, until 4th of October.

This very clever system by Mike Cruickshank, of Bonus Bagging fame, works by taking advantage of bookmakers’ Money Back as Free Bet offer when placing accumulator bets on football.

There’s no shortage of offers out there, most of the big name firms are there as well as some of the less well known companies.

The fee for joining is £99 + vat for a year’s access to the system itself and the Accumulator Generator software that does all the hard work for you.

Once joined up, you have a wealth of training material to get through. Loads of videos that show you exactly how to work through each bet, what to do if you encounter a problem and even a section on what to do if your account gets limited. The Generator even covers offers specific to in shop customers, which means that you can keep going even if the bookie closes you down.

I used the software for just over a month and, even though I made a few mistakes, found that I had paid off the joining fee and was into pure profit.

I did find that some of the more generous bookie offers shown in the training videos had been cut back in terms of max bet amount and that did hit my progress a little. Also, I would strongly recommend you skip International games. They seem to be more volatile and I had my worst results every time I included national teams.
I would say I was averaging about £5 per accumulator, roughly speaking. The thing you really need to watch is that you’re not including the same game in too many accumulators at once, one iffy result could take down several bets and, although, you’re covered against losing the entire stake, you’ll suffer a small £1-£2 loss which is annoying when it happens a few times in one weekend.

I did use the system as it’s designed and found that it was, generally speaking, the same 5-6 bookies that had the most useful bets. I tried not to have too many running from the same bookie at the same time (leaving a day off here and there to keep them sweet) and I didn’t get any existing account limited. I did get one new account closed down after just 3 bets but that may have been due to the fact that I racked up wins from their joining bonus as well.

I definitely think The Affluence System is worth using and I’d say joining on the £1 14 Day Trial is a no-brainer. In all honesty, I think the time scale stated and number of bets per day shown in the videos are a bit on the ambitious side. I don’t think they’re impossible by any means, I just think that some of the larger offers have been cut back and that will certainly impact the amount you can squeeze out of it.

So, use as wide a mix as possible of bookies and selections, keep re-watching the training videos and if/when the bookies limit or close your account, switch the in-shop coupon based method.

This is definitely APPROVED

You can sign up for your £1 trial membership here (expires 4/10/17)