Please let me apologise, I got carried away with results one day, and blogged an update which, in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t. We do 13-week trials for a reason, it allows us to form a balanced opinion, and by jumping in I have let you down. Lesson learned.

Lots of bets, but this service places dutch bets so many fewer races. Slight loss this week for the main service. The problem could be the advice to play the selections as forcasts and tricasts; some races have 10 selections so that’d be 720 legs, £720 to £1 stakes and you need a jolly big win to cover that (that race lost by the way). Do get a few winners, but the outlay is immense. We’ll see whether these bets get better.

Week 1: Bets 125, Wins 13, Profit -9.0 (£-9.09),  Forecast -£333.30, Tricast -3074.57
Overall: Bets 129, Wins 13, Profit -9.09 (£-9.09),  Forecast -£333.30, Tricast -3074.57